everyone is getting Christmas gifts I make in ceramics class. I can go outside of class and make whatever I want soooo yeah. I might start next week. hehe.

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 07:01pm
Tuesday Sep 9 @ 10:36pm
Monday Sep 9 @ 03:59pm
Thursday Sep 9 @ 12:11am

instead of getting a new cartilage piercing eventually after this one heals maybe I’ll just get a third regular ear piercing instead?

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 08:49pm

OH GOD why are you so creepy like why do you STILL have my number? what could you possibly want from me? we were never really friends and you probably know I still have a boyfriend sooo.

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 05:01pm

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 11:18pm

Ive lost so much this year, why not this too?

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 07:26am

you dont understand how much or why these things bother me but you get mad anyway

Saturday Sep 9 @ 07:30pm
Friday Sep 9 @ 01:42pm

I get into some really good habits at school.

Thursday Sep 9 @ 12:44pm


Good evening. Welcome to the six o’clock news. I’m your anchor…

This man is an absolute genious, he is the true Punmaster

Thursday Sep 9 @ 12:29pm

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 10:41pm
Thursday Aug 8 @ 10:24pm

I just feel really awkward and scared of everything and I just cant wait for my boyfriend to pick me up so I can feel safe and comfortorble

Thursday Aug 8 @ 01:48pm

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