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Simple Life - Megan & Liz 

Wednesday Apr 4 @ 01:13pm
Wednesday Apr 4 @ 11:04am

I know no one cares but (sadly) I’m still alive.

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 06:49pm

I’m scared can someone just please do this for me

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 03:00pm

thats it. I’ve had it. I’m done. 

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 01:10pm

Monday Apr 4 @ 09:09pm
Sunday Apr 4 @ 03:08pm

Saturday Apr 4 @ 12:49pm

Anonymous asked: i dont mean this in a bad way, but have you ever considered seeing a therapist or something? it might help, maybe some meds would help the depression too. every one gets wierd about seeing a "shrink" but tbh its a smart idea. maybe theres hope out there yah know? advice from a stranger, i know, but they really could help!

I don’t take it in a bad way, I have thought about it but its not really an option right now. I don’t really want to talk to anyone but I do want antidepressants but all these things cost money and I have none.

Wednesday Apr 4 @ 10:47pm
Wednesday Apr 4 @ 09:07pm

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Wednesday Apr 4 @ 08:31pm
Reblog if you’ve ever been told “Kill Yourself.”


Whether it was joking or serious. I’m doing a project for school about how these words have slipped Into society’s everyday vocabulary and why they need to be taken more seriously. Please reblog I need to know.

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 08:30pm
Monday Apr 4 @ 09:35pm
this is literally my entire day. what should I name him?

this is literally my entire day. what should I name him?

Monday Apr 4 @ 01:04pm

Sunday Apr 4 @ 10:33pm

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